You work everyday to serve your community. You deliver on your mission while building partnerships and supporting your team. Let’s not forget the challenges of raising the funds to fuel your work. You need the chance to gather knowledge and tools to better achieve your mission. You deserve a day away from your desk to reflect and restore your energy. The Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good brings together experts, colleagues from across the region, philanthropy, resource providers, and state agencies to ensure that you have what you need to succeed.


The Science of What Makes People Care

with Ann Christiano

Ann Christiano
Ann Christiano

The scientific evidence is piling up: people don’t act on information, they act on what they care most about. We’ve distilled six core principles from behavioral, cognitive and social science that you can apply to help people care more about your work. In this lively and hands-on session, you will learn to apply these rules to your own work and leave with a science-based framework for approaching new communications challenges.

Ann Christiano is the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida. Ann directs the frank gathering, which brings hundreds of leaders from around the world who are working at the front lines of social causes. Before she came to the University of Florida in 2010, Ann was a senior communications officer for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where she directed communications efforts for programs that address the social factors like housing, education and mental health that drive health and well-being.

Ann’s writing has appeared in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and she was the University of Florida Teacher of the Year in 2014. Her work through the Center includes partnerships with the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, The Department of State, and several agencies who work in this domain. She has worked with several federal agencies, the Gates Foundation, and nonprofits and foundations throughout Florida. She regularly trains scientists and other leaders to more effectively convey the importance of their work.


Breakout session

Learn what you need to know to succeed.

There is a lot you need to know to thrive as a nonprofit. That’s why we have invited local and state-known experts and practitioners to come and share knowledge, tools, and action steps to take you to the next level.


Getting your board engaged breakout session

Connect with resources designed for strong nonprofits.

There are a lot of experts, organizations, agencies, and businesses who have your back. The Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good is where you get the chance for “one stop resource gathering” as you get answers to your questions.


Experience the collaboration that makes it all happen.

This conference happens because a lot of partners and funders come together around one mission: strong nonprofits serving their communities. Led by Washington Nonprofits in close partnership with the Central Washington Nonprofit Network, this conference is where those working for the greater good come together to shape what’s next for our communities.