The Doctor Is In

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Frustrated by fundraising? Questions about communications?  Sign up for 20 minutes of free consulting by experts with ideas and answers. “The Doctor Is In” gives you a space to talk with people who have been there. Share your story, brainstorm ideas, and get solutions. You can book time in advance or at the conference.


Democracy Center

Census + Voter information

In partnership with the League for Women Voters

Democracy is not a spectator sport. A healthy democracy takes active participation so all of our voices are heard, and nonprofits play an important. We can help ensure our policymakers have accurate information to make decisions in the best interest of our communities. Our conference “Democracy Center” is designed to give you information and tools to bring back.


    : April is Census Month. The Census will be underway, and enumerators are about to be showing up at our doors. Get information, tools, and answers to your questions.

Voter information

    : It is an election year, and not just for the presidency! Local and state elections are important for nonprofits too. Learn about voter registration, get resources to boost civic engagement, and find out about Vote411.